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A research has shown that bogus colleges which were providing illegal immigrants claiming to be students an entry route into UK has fallen by 95 per cent

Date: (3 May 2012)    |    

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English UK, the organisation of accredited state and private language centres, in its research has stated that number of non accredited establishments which could be recruiting in breach of immigration rules had fallen by almost 95 per cent in the past four years.
These are the private English language colleges which were providing illegal immigrants, disguised as students, an entry route into the UK.
A recent survey carried out by one of the organisations researchers this spring identified only 33 schools constituting six per cent, which were still a cause for concern.
In a letter to Immigration Minister Damian Green, chief executive Tony Millns said that their organisation believed and its research had shown that the changes introduced up to the start of last year were having, and continue to have, an extremely beneficial effect: 45 per cent of the previously non-accredited were no longer operating as English language schools; 27 per cent were recruiting EU students only and were therefore also not a concern in immigration terms; and 22 per cent had achieved some form of accreditation that is at least better than nothing.”
English UK said only six per cent of the original 560 language schools monitored by it since 2002 were still giving cause for concern compared with four years ago, when most were still active.