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Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson has announced that businesses hosting private property sales advertisements without getting involved in the sales process would be no longer subject to various regulations aimed at estate agents,.
It was government’s response to the consultation on amending the Estate Agents Act to boost new business models confirming plans to exempt intermediary agents wh




The Home Office is to begin correcting a glitch in the criminal record system from October which would allow thousands of men with historic convictions for consensual gay sex make applications to have records against them deleted.
Until now several people who wanted to work in roles which required a background checks, including volunteering, have been discouraged for fear of having to disclose




An insurer has dropped an appeal against a landmark judgment which required an engineering company to contribute towards the hospice care costs of a former south-east London-based worker exposed to asbestos, family lawyers said.
The last minute change of plans and dropping out of challenging the judgment is being seen as opening ways for hospices across the country to benefit from the ruling




A London High Court judge has ruled that the state officials have violated the human rights of a mother and child when the baby was taken into care by the social workers, within hours of her birth, while the mother was still under the influence of anesthesia post operation.

The mother, 26, had been given the powerful opiate morphine to recover from life-saving surgery after a difficult la




The Royal Society of Arts report has said that the cuts in police mean active citizens now needed courses in self-defence and defusing conflict.
It said that the public needed to be offered ‘have a go hero’ training by the police to deal with antisocial behaviour and handle aggression and conflict.
The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) report, published on Wednesday, says a radical "citizens' de




EEF Manufacturing organization’s has called on government to focus on other areas of employment reform other than just concentrating on sacking of workers at will which they warned would prove counter productive.
The controversial plans of the government which proposed allowing employers to sack workers at their convenience seem to be facing a major blow with the manufacturer’s rider.
In a




A powerful lobby of MPs, cutting across their party line has called for scrapping of section 5 of Public Order Act warning that it represented a threat to freedom of speech.
Campaigners say the law is being abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors to arrest Christian street preachers, critics of Scientology, gay rights advocates and even students making jokes.
Human rights campaigners




In the past 18 months landlords have been enjoying favourable market conditions with tenant demand exceeding supply and interest rates being at a record low level.
The mood was to capitalise on the positive market conditions by expanding their property investments.
But as UK has been technically declared to have slipped into recession the landlords were most likely to adopt a more cautious




English UK, the organisation of accredited state and private language centres, in its research has stated that number of non accredited establishments which could be recruiting in breach of immigration rules had fallen by almost 95 per cent in the past four years.
These are the private English language colleges which were providing illegal immigrants, disguised as students, an entry route into




The news for property owners looking to put their property on the market is not that good and sure cause of worry as it has been revealed that house prices dropped by over £900 a week last month.
According to the Halifax Price Index, the average home now costs £159,883, down 2.4% per cent from £163,796 in March - the same level as in 2004.
Halifax said that early this year explosive marke