Drawing a will saves a lot of trouble

EU passes regulation for a common protection order for victims of domestic violence

More serious violent crime offenders are being let off’ by community resolutions says a freedom for information request

ERR Bill is rejected by the House of Commons

The taxman will monitor deliberate tax defaulters for five years

Cars of criminals would be sold by the government to recoup their legal bill in criminal cases

High court rejects judicial review by APIL and Mass on cuts in RTA portal fees

Home office to appeal against the case of MF

How to avoid being victim to a property fraud

Employment reforms and its fallout

Even one percent benefit cap would increase in homelessness says association of landlords

Changed EU regulations on inheritance laws - how it would affect English resident with estate in France

A senior judge says legal aid cuts could create a chasm between the outdated law and modern needs

A committee of MPs has said the government had failed to be strict enough in detecting fraud among its welfare to work providers.

The schedule 7 powers on terror laws is going to be scaled down by the Home Secretary

Intermediaries in property sales not getting involved in actual selling would be saved from regulations aimed at estate agents

A long pending anomaly is going to be set right by the Home Office which would remove names of men convicted for consensual gay sex

Insurer to pay for hospice costs of victims of asbestos related illnesses

A ruling which would set precedence to social workers before removing children from their mothers

Citizens need to be trained by police to tackle antisocial behaviour says a report

The British Manufacturers organization has called the government to focus on other areas of employment reforms rather than on ways of sacking workers under no fault dismissal

MP’s from all spectrum call for scrapping of section 5 of Public Order Act claiming it was threat to freedom of speech

Landlords want economic stability and clarity of lending criteria before they would expand their portfolios further.

A research has shown that bogus colleges which were providing illegal immigrants claiming to be students an entry route into UK has fallen by 95 per cent

Homeowners wanting to sell their homes are staring at market of falling price

What is Carousel fraud?

How Will the Proposed Cuts to Legal Aid Affect Those Who Will Need the Service in Years to Come?

Domestic Violence – How Can a Solicitor Help?

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Intestate estates where no relations can be found also known as bona vacantia or ownerless goods pass to the Treasury under the laws dating back to the ‘Middle Ages’.




An EU wide protection order of the European Commission’s proposal has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority by the European Parliament.
The new regulation would mean that citizens (in most cases women) who have suffered domestic violence can rely on a restraining order obtained in their home country wherever they are in the EU – the protection would be applicable in any EU country they travel to.




A Freedom of Information request by the Labour party has revealed that more than 10,000 people, who have committed a serious violent crime, including domestic abuse, were let off’ just because they had either made an apology or offered compensation.
The figures revealed offenders had escaped formal convictions and were dealt with by ‘community resolutions’, according to the figures obtained from the freedom of information request.




Clause 61, of Employment and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Bill has been saved after the House of Commons has rejected the ERR bill which would have immensely pleased the Insurers.

MPs rejected the Lords amendment to the ERR bill, removing Clause 61, by 316 votes to 241. The bill will return to the Lords next week.




The HM Revenue & Customs will monitor the tax affairs of individuals, who become insolvent to dodge tax obligations.
The taxman will monitor the tax affairs of businesses and individuals who have deliberately evaded tax for up to five years evasion of tax under the Managing Serious Defaulters scheme in order to ensure they comply with their tax obligations and permanently change their behaviour.




Last week the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling had announced further cut to legal aid bill in England and Wales where the savings would be done by cutting costs in criminal cases including introducing competition among lawyers for contracts, a consultation is to start in April.




The High Court has rejected a judicial review by APIL and MASS challenging massive cuts in RTA portal fees which is coming into force at the end of April.
The claims were made by the two lawyers organisations have been arguing that the cuts were unlawful on the grounds of lack of consultation.




Further to the row which has erupted between Theresa May and some immigration judges over the deportation of foreign criminals the government is planning to appeal against the case of MF.
The home secretary is all confidence personified that her arguments would be well received in the Court of Appeal, though it went against the Home Office in the Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).




Homeowners who are concerned that their property might be subject to fraudulent sale or mortgage can feel happy that the Land Registry has launched a property fraud line which would take complaints from the homeowners on the phone and practical guidance would be offered by specially trained staff on the next course of action.




A controversial report on employment by private equity pioneer Adrian Beecroft last year had not included the fact that the number of claims by employees in employment tribunals had fallen from 236,000 in 2009-10 to 186,000 in 2011-12. Even sex discrimination cases for both sexes had almost halved with the median compensation awarded in most types of claims remaining at around £5,000. These figures were at a time of economic upheaval which could not be in accordance with what is expected.




The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has suggested that a vote in favour of capping benefits was a vote for rising homelessness.
Speaking ahead of a crucial Commons vote later today the RLA warned that such a move was likely to increase the number of people who become homeless.




The UK has opted out of the new rules by EU on inheritance laws which have come into effect from 16 August 2012. The law would apply from the 17 August 2015. though UK has chosen to stay out of the jurisdiction of the new laws it still has considerable relevance to UK residents and nationals because almost every EU country were seeking to adopt it.




Legal aid services were the mainstay of UK’s fair justice system until cuts have started taking its toll with more and more areas of law being starved of legal aid help.

People who cannot afford the services of a lawyer or who are not eligible under the remnant of legal aid would find litigating all by themselves in person which could lead to the creation of a black hole for civil law reform Mr Justice Foskett has suggested.




After A4e said a recent audit of the firm had found no evidence of fraud the public accounts committee said the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had missed vital evidence of possible fraud, particularly at the firm A4e.
Committee chair Margaret Hodge said the DWP had not been proactive in setting in place systems which root out fraud.
MPs accepted that financial checks on welfare-to-work schemes had been improved under the current government.




The terror laws which block anyone’s entry into Britain are being scaled back, Theresa May has announced yesterday.
The rules allow officers to detain anyone without reasonable suspicion.
The Home Secretary had suggested that there were doubts about whether the powers to detain were being used proportionately.




Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson has announced that businesses hosting private property sales advertisements without getting involved in the sales process would be no longer subject to various regulations aimed at estate agents,.
It was government’s response to the consultation on amending the Estate Agents Act to boost new business models confirming plans to exempt intermediary agents which help homeowners privately advertise and sell their houses from the Estate Agents Act 1979 (EAA).




The Home Office is to begin correcting a glitch in the criminal record system from October which would allow thousands of men with historic convictions for consensual gay sex make applications to have records against them deleted.




An insurer has dropped an appeal against a landmark judgment which required an engineering company to contribute towards the hospice care costs of a former south-east London-based worker exposed to asbestos, family lawyers said.
The last minute change of plans and dropping out of challenging the judgment is being seen as opening ways for hospices across the country to benefit from the ruling which had held insurer liable for hospice care costs of deceased worker.




A London High Court judge has ruled that the state officials have violated the human rights of a mother and child when the baby was taken into care by the social workers, within hours of her birth, while the mother was still under the influence of anesthesia post operation.

The mother, 26, had been given the powerful opiate morphine to recover from life-saving surgery after a difficult labour.




The Royal Society of Arts report has said that the cuts in police mean active citizens now needed courses in self-defence and defusing conflict.
It said that the public needed to be offered ‘have a go hero’ training by the police to deal with antisocial behaviour and handle aggression and conflict.




EEF Manufacturing organization’s has called on government to focus on other areas of employment reform other than just concentrating on sacking of workers at will which they warned would prove counter productive.
The controversial plans of the government which proposed allowing employers to sack workers at their convenience seem to be facing a major blow with the manufacturer’s rider.




A powerful lobby of MPs, cutting across their party line has called for scrapping of section 5 of Public Order Act warning that it represented a threat to freedom of speech.
Campaigners say the law is being abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors to arrest Christian street preachers, critics of Scientology, gay rights advocates and even students making jokes.




In the past 18 months landlords have been enjoying favourable market conditions with tenant demand exceeding supply and interest rates being at a record low level.
The mood was to capitalise on the positive market conditions by expanding their property investments.




English UK, the organisation of accredited state and private language centres, in its research has stated that number of non accredited establishments which could be recruiting in breach of immigratio




The news for property owners looking to put their property on the market is not that good and sure cause of worry as it has been revealed that house prices dropped by over £900 a week last month.




Duncan Lewis:Carousel fraud is a sophisticated type of fraud that delivers relatively high returns over quite a short period. Convictions are difficult to bring against the fraudsters, because it is difficult to find proof of the fraud having been perpetrated.




C will continue to help in any way they can, and legal aid solicitors in general will doubtless work on ways to offset the negative effects of any cuts by proposing schemes of their own, so that free advice and access to legal proceedings continue to be made available to the less advantaged members of society.




Duncan Lewis:A will also be able to sort out whether you can get public funding –such as that from Community Legal Services – if you are on benefits, have a low income and have little or no savings.

Your solicitor will also be able to accompany you to court if the matter goes that far. The proceedings will be held in closed court, which ensures a degree of privacy.




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